About Ian Barnes
level123english was created by Ian Barnes.  He is a native English speaker from Cambridgeshire, England.  Since 2008 he has owned and led a successful English language teaching institute in Tirol, Austria ( www.englischinstitut.at ), whose teachers and students use these resources.

About level123english
level123english provides high-quality teaching and learning resources for adults.  A bitesite text about a current topic is written at three different levels of ability, and each text is recorded as an audio file.   The three levels allow every learner to access the English; their focus on specific grammar points makes learning efficient and effective; and the combination of reading and listening provides a rich learning experience.  For teachers, the pre-prepared differentiated resources about current topics are quite simply a gift!

Here are some tips for learners:

  • focus on the level that you feel is right for you, but compare it to the other levels to understand how the language changes
  • listening to the audio file before you read it will increase the difficulty; reading it first will make the listening easier to understand
  • save the mp3 audio file to a media player and listen to it several times; try to hear the learning points (vocabulary/grammar)
  • enter new vocabulary into the vocabulary trainer, and save your own learning in the Notes page.
    Active writing will help you remember what you have learned.
  • try to write and speak using the new language you have learned.
    Actively forming your own sentences is an important part of language learning.

And here are some tips for teachers:

  • use the 'Search back catalogue' function to find resources on specific topics or with specific grammar points
  • a resource that highlights a specific grammar point will provide an excellent example for your students
  • comparing the level that contains your learning point with the level below will deepen understanding
  • use two or three levels in one class to differentiate according to ability level
  • the learning activities provide a starting point for you and your students

We hope you enjoy learning and teaching with level123english.  Your comments and feedback are welcome!

Ian Barnes

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